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One Piece Treasure Cruise Honest Review [Guide Included]

Like a One Piece admirer, from back for the tail end from the 4Kids days (shout-out towards the folks from also before that), it’s still hard for me personally to process Bandai Namco’s latest streak of online game localizations. For quite a long time, after a smaller streak going through the PS2/Wii years, there was a big drought right round the time the series was struggling to find a place in the North American market about the anime and manga fronts.

The latest entry in the series starting with a not-so-good 3DS RPG and pretty good multiplatform action/adventure joint (and a couple of sick Musou online games in-between), is a cellular game that seemed to leave nowhere. Available upon Android or iOS, One Piece Cherish Cruise borrows heavily on the structure of Japanese people mobile juggernaut Challenge & Dragons, but does not have any interest in match-3 puzzles. Instead, it engages a timing-based JRPG-style battle system, not in contrast to that of Super Mario RPG.

one piece treasure cruise

It’s fun as hell, despite those dark moments in the event the free to enjoy shenanigans rear their own ugly heads.

The storytelling element of One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack is shockingly effective. Going through the adventure stages runs you throughout the entirety of usually the one Piece story (to a particular point of program, as the string is ongoing as well as games often select sections). These story pieces are told cheaply certainly, through screenshots from the anime and static images using some newer art possessions. However, there is significant detail thinking about the Cliff Notes really feel, as even modest character moments are presented for the sake of padding the game with a lot of stages.

As a big One Piece admirer, I found myself skipping these pieces, but for anyone not really acquainted with early One Piece, following the story bits is just not a waste of your time. You’ll get trapped with the essentials, and could easily jump in the story in an additional medium at any point and not miss a heap. For a cost-effective, free mobile game, that commands plenty of respect from me.

Watch out, he knows about timed hits!

One Piece Treasure Cruise is about the fighting, since are most online games of its ilk. You play as well as play and play before you get sick of computer or lose your stamina, in which event you shelve it for a short time until you get yourself a hankering to pick it backup, or you receive so addicted people drop money to supply your session. Luckily, for several hours’ value of play period, you’ll level up a great deal you won’t ought to worry about hitting that pay retaining wall.

The production beliefs, while budget-conscious, fit exactly the same bill of cellular game ambition because storytelling. The episodes have limited, however fluid animation, plus the special moves you’ll be able to pull off have even goofy, over the top mini-cutscenes which take up the whole tv screen. Music is consistently playing, and it’s about on par with every other anime franchise-based video game you may realise of. One Piece Cherish Cruise also draws pretty deeply on the One Piece very well, so expect to view adorable chibi versions of a variety of minor characters, as well as all the popular ones at the same time.

one piece treasure cruise

Here’s the offer: you have a crew all the way to six pirates (five of yours as well as a friend), and how people build your crew is determined by both attributes as well as cost. The more robust, the more exceptional a character is, the more it costs to put them in your lineup. You get more cost bandwidth while you level up, in addition to more stamina. Obviously, the further with you go the particular stronger your opponents and characters, plus the more stamina every level costs. Therefore, you’re in a perpetual state connected with grinding.

It looks horrible, but One Piece Treasure Cruise does a great job of rewarding you merely for coming along for the ride, and giving you what you should feel like you’re producing good progress. A certain amount of patience if required while you go forward, certainly. You can’t build an incredible team in weekly, especially when it comes to evolving your figures.

See, you get the famous characters, up to a point, for free. When you progress in the particular story, you receive Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, so on and the like. But, you get the weakest versions. To produce them stronger, you have to level them upwards by feeding these individuals lesser characters, and evolve these phones stronger stages along with evolve-specific feeders. This can take a even though.

Luckily, taking a while can be a total non-issue as One Piece Treasure Cruise is among the most fun freemium games out there, full stop. As well as, as an included bonus, there isn’t a lot like it at the second. Combat is established like a turn-based RPG. Anyone tap a figure, they attack, and damage is calculated determined by character type in a familiar rock, document, scissors dealie. If you take damage, your characters’ health is all pooled with each other, so you aren’t with trouble until all of your pool is lowered.

The gimmick is all action. Whenever a character attacks, you receive a fun, cartoony animation connected with comic book activity words flying out and then shooting back in towards the target. This is usually an important mechanic, as you tap your up coming character right when every one of the words center back to each other as one, you get a big damage boost as well as chain multiplier. Thanks, and you can eliminate an entire band of enemies in one particular turn. The mechanics also bend over backwards to let you customize your lineup up to you want, with a sort of roulette system which changes up your crew’s attack affinities every turn, including supplying you with opportunities to treat up. It’s quickly, exciting, requires your attention and enables you to feel very strong in a genre which normally feels a lot more restrictive.

one piece treasure cruise resources

So, fundamentally, One Piece Treasure Cruise can be a freemium action RPG which encourages timing as well as skill over luck, fosters a strong sense of power and progress prior to it asks you for cash and even gives you a lot of the cool protagonist characters just by making your way throughout the story. Most from the game is mincing, and it certainly appears like grinding, but the core game is so engaging and rich in (relatively) ambitious One particular Piece fanservice as well as window-dressing it makes the slide that much more digestible. Fans of 1 Piece should have no problem granting One particular Piece Treasure Vacation cruise a permanent i’m all over this their smart gadget.